Welcome to the FIWARE IoT Agent for ISOXML/ADAPT


An Internet of Things Agent for the ISO 11783 protocol (with HTTP). This IoT Agent is designed to be a bridge between ISOXML/ADAPT and the NGSI interface of a context broker.

ISO 11783 is a standard for electronics communications protocol for agricultural equipment. This Internet of Things Agent is a bridge that can be used to communicate devices using the ISO 11783 protocol and NGSI Context Brokers (like Orion). ISO 11783 is an XML file based protocol used to pass message data. This IoT Agent does not deal with ISO 11783 communications directly, it is assumed that a separate MICS (Mobile Implement control system) server is present which in turn sends files down to devices and receives uploaded files to be processed.

Github's README.md provides a good documentation summary. The User Manual and the Admin Guide cover more advanced topics.